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A Peek at Playtime

This isn’t a full blog post; I just wanted to share a video I put together of Chance, Luna, and Buzzy playing last night! Buzzy and Chance will actually play together sometimes; Luna…not so much. But, when the toys come out, they all join in!

As you can see, the box with 3 holes is still a big hit around these parts. And the red feather toy…it’s about 2 days away from official toy death. Ah well! Hope everyone is having a great week 🙂


Highs, Lows, and Tumbles

So sorry that it has taken me over a week to write another blog! Things have been pretty chaotic over here. The past couple of weeks have been filled with highs and lows of all sorts.

First, a Chance update! This little cat is the goofiest of goofballs. He has now climbed all over my house…he likes to go as high as he can.


Yeah, 3 seconds later, he and that suit case fell off that shelf. Don’t worry, I caught him.


I’ve also discovered that Chance has a very specific grooming routine. He holds himself to very high standards. You see, Chance likes to come in the shower with me!

And then, he likes to be dried with a bath towel. And have his head brushed with a hairbrush. I wish I had captured pictures of his wet little cat head, but I didn’t. Not yet at least!

He’s a very fastidious groomer. Can’t blame him, though. He has to stay dashing and handsome and all that.


Now for the major high of the past 2 weeks: Chance got an adoption application! Hooray! He may very well have a new home headed his way 🙂

We decided to take Chance back to the vet because his yowling has not improved. He basically always wanders around crying without pause. It was getting to be pretty overwhelming for me and even for my cats. I think they were rather annoyed by the noise, actually… here’s a peak at what it’s like (please note his lightening-fast speed…he’s at the top of the stairs one moment and, in the next, POOF! cat in my chair… it’s like magic!):

During Chance’s vet check-up, we discovered that he has a heart murmur. The vet graded it at about a 3 or 4 (out of 6), which is pretty bad for a cat so young. We aren’t sure what caused it. They tested him for hyperthyroidism, but the tests came back negative for a thyroid issue.

So, we began to develop a routine. Basically, as long as I wave a wand toy around for Chance, I can sit down and semi-relax in the evenings without him yowling too much. So, yeah, my arm is getting quite the workout. 2 or more hours each evening of toy waving 🙂 The good news is that my own cats are also playing more, and they need it! They’re kind of fat 😉 I even took a big cardboard box and cut some holes in it to make a play fort. Chance loved that!


Chance and my male cat, Buzzy, have begun to get along better. Chance will groom Buzzy a bit, and Buzzy will play chase with Chance, which they both enjoy. Luna, my tortie, is still not a huge fan, but she tolerates him.


Back to the highs! We had 2 wonderful adoption events over the past 2 weeks. A local Brownies troop (part of the Girl Scouts lineup) made some really special pillows for our rescue cats! The cats love them!



The cats even dressed up for St Patrick’s Day! This is Ms. Lily. Doesn’t she look beautiful in her green bandana?


(Learn more about Lily by clicking here)

We had a lot of cats get adopted these past 2 weeks, which is fantastic because kitten season is about to begin. In fact, Chance’s kittens are already 3 weeks old! In another month, they’ll be ready for adoption! I can’t wait to meet them 🙂

So, that’s what’s been going on over here in the chaotic kitty house! Hope everyone else has had a great couple of weeks, and we’ll see you again soon!



Last night was a big night for Chance; he finally got to leave his bedroom and explore the house!

A little bit of background here: Chance has been confined to one of my guest bedrooms for the past 2 and a half weeks while we made sure he didn’t have any severe illness AND while giving my own two resident cats some time to accept the idea that there’s another cat in the house.

Before I tell you about Chance’s explorations, let me briefly introduce my own two cats, Luna (the tortie) and Buzzy (the orange tabby)!


They may look adorable, but I promise you…they are full of mischief!

I’ve had Buzzy since he was 4 months old (I got him from a county shelter), and I adopted Luna a little less than 2 years ago from a family who was trying to re-home her on Craigslist. Buzzy is now 6 and a half years old, and Luna is…wow…I guess she’s almost 4 now!


Back to Chance! So, one thing I have learned about Chance: he has a LOT to say ALL the time! In fact, he never stopped talking through his entire adventure yesterday. So, imagine, if you will, that Chance is talking to you through his entire tour! Because he was CERTAINLY talking to me!


I began by allowing him in my bedroom. I put him up on the bed and there discovered his fear of ceiling fans…


(Sorry for the blurriness…but he basically looked up at that ceiling fan with TERROR and then ran away!)

I’ll give it to Chance though… he overcame his ceiling fan fear within about 10 minutes.

Anyway, Chance clearly either had no boundaries at his first home or decided that they didn’t apply here! He climbed all over, discovering new and interesting things along the way!


He also discovered Luna’s favorite hairball gel…and that he doesn’t really like it!


He discovered the glory that is a cardboard box! Thinking it was closed, he lept up on it… and promptly fell right in!


And then there was the bathroom…


What oh what could this thing be??


You can’t hear it in the picture… but Chance had a LOT to say about the tub! I thought he’d run away, but he actually just sat there and meowed LOUDLY at me! I figured he meant “TURN IT OFF!”

It was time to venture downstairs, and this took Chance quite a while… It took at least 5 minutes for him to come down just 1 stair. He’d come down 1 or 2 stairs, and then run back up! But, finally, after a lot of coaxing and calling…


One step at a time, Chance came down…

Oh, wait. Nope. There he goes again.


Ok Ok…eventually he DID come down…talking all the way.

And there were some curious visitors waiting for him at the bottom!

Now, I have to pause here to tell you…my cats have done nothing but hiss and growl at this poor boy through his bedroom door. I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I was going to get. But, I was sure shocked when THIS happened:


Hissing and growling shortly followed, but no physical contact… so, we’ll call it a win!

Buzzy was also curious…


And, at one point, he actually RAN up super fast behind Chance (scared me to death!) to sneak a sniff!


Eventually, though, I put my 2 cats in the basement as they were just stressing poor Chance out with their hissing.

Chance wandered around meowing for probably a full hour. He was quite the chatterbox. But, he discovered some new things…


And so did I. I discovered that Chance jumps on top of everything!! haha.

I also have to admit that I was very surprised at just how vocal he was. I had always thought his crying upstairs was because he wanted out of the bedroom, but the truth is that Chance meowed pretty much non-stop the entire time he was out of that room. I’m beginning to suspect he has some bengal or other very vocal breed mixed in… what with that long tail, those WEBBED toes, and this face…


Who knows?!

Veterinary Adventures

Chance was all set to attend his first adoption event this weekend; but, unfortunately, it was not meant to be.


On Thursday night, I noticed that Chance was scratching at his face, and it looked like it might be a teeny bit swollen (though nobody else could see it ).



By Friday night, it became obvious that his cheek was quite swollen and he was not comfortable. We got him to the vet on Saturday morning despite his escape attempts.


The vet confirmed that he had an abscess and a slight fever. Don’t worry, though! They took good care of him, and he’s on the mend! I guess we now know what all those scratches on his head were from: some sort of fight with another animal!


Alas, poor Chance had to miss his first opportunity for adoption on Sunday. He couldn’t go to the adoption event. He is stuck in the cone of shame for a whole week! Say it ‘aint so!



Haha, ok, it’s not that bad. He’s really just yawning 😉

So, Chance is with me for at least another 2 weeks. He’ll get his next opportunity for adoption at HART’s adoption event on St. Patrick’s Day! Maybe this little guy will have some Irish luck this year 😉

In other news, Chance is a daddy! The girl cat (who has been named Phoebe) with whom he was abandoned had a litter of 6 healthy kittens this week!


3 grey tabbies like mom; 2 brown tabbies like Chance; and 1 tuxedo-wearing mystery guest! Let’s hope these babies have some of their daddy’s awesome personality. Everybody deserves a Chance in their lives!