Veterinary Adventures

Chance was all set to attend his first adoption event this weekend; but, unfortunately, it was not meant to be.


On Thursday night, I noticed that Chance was scratching at his face, and it looked like it might be a teeny bit swollen (though nobody else could see it ).



By Friday night, it became obvious that his cheek was quite swollen and he was not comfortable. We got him to the vet on Saturday morning despite his escape attempts.


The vet confirmed that he had an abscess and a slight fever. Don’t worry, though! They took good care of him, and he’s on the mend! I guess we now know what all those scratches on his head were from: some sort of fight with another animal!


Alas, poor Chance had to miss his first opportunity for adoption on Sunday. He couldn’t go to the adoption event. He is stuck in the cone of shame for a whole week! Say it ‘aint so!



Haha, ok, it’s not that bad. He’s really just yawning 😉

So, Chance is with me for at least another 2 weeks. He’ll get his next opportunity for adoption at HART’s adoption event on St. Patrick’s Day! Maybe this little guy will have some Irish luck this year 😉

In other news, Chance is a daddy! The girl cat (who has been named Phoebe) with whom he was abandoned had a litter of 6 healthy kittens this week!


3 grey tabbies like mom; 2 brown tabbies like Chance; and 1 tuxedo-wearing mystery guest! Let’s hope these babies have some of their daddy’s awesome personality. Everybody deserves a Chance in their lives!


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