Whirlwind Week

The past week has been the most whirlwind experience ever for Chance and me. Last Saturday (March 30), Chance went to be with what we hoped would be his new forever family. By Monday afternoon, I was picking him back up. I would be lying if I didn’t admit to some semblance of joy at getting him back. I want him to go on to his forever family, but I also think he is not just any cat and that he needs a super cat-experienced family.

We went straight to the vet to get some blood work and chest x-rays done because we still haven’t figured out what is going on with Chance’s heart. I have to tell you – that vet visit was so hard for me. He was terrified (he’s always terrified of the vet, but he was even more terrified this time because they had to do all sorts of loud and scary things to him). At one point, he crawled into my lap and was just clinging to me like he never has before. He was shaking and purring and shaking some more. I knew he was happy to see me again, and it broke my heart that he’d had to go through all this stress over the past 3 days (new home, new people, vet visit, back to our home…so much stress for him).


Blood work and x-rays didn’t give us any answers, so Chance now needs to go in for an echo to get to the bottom of his heart condition.

While he was at the new home, he was taken off of his anxiety medication. So, when he got back to my house, he was exactly as he has always been – loud, pacing, crying constantly. I started him back on his medication, but it wasn’t easy. Chance refuses pill pockets, cheese, chopped pill mixed with food…I tried everything. The only thing that works is the pill gun, but that is so hard to watch because he choked and gagged on the pill when I used the pill gun.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered that if I coat the pill in a bit of butter before putting it in the pill gun, it doesn’t choke him. Even more fortunate, now that he’s been back on his medicine for a full week, I’m finally beginning to see a new side to Chance!


First and foremost, Chance loves to play. He especially loves to play with his big foster brother, Buzzy. Chance will lay on his back and scoot up to Buzzy and bat at Buzzy’s face. Then, he’ll race around after jingle ball toys, crinkle ball toys, basically anything that rolls! Buzzy, who is nearly 7 years old now, joins in like a cat half his age! He’s like a kitten again when he plays with Chance!
They romp around, race in circles, trip over one another, play pounce and chase… Ms. Luna sits on my lap and stays out of their way. She’s just glad to have my lap to herself; she’s still not a fan of Chance.

The yowling has now significantly decreased. While he still is very active, he’s quiet as he walks around the house for the most part. I’ve even begun letting him stay out by himself (his foster siblings down in their basement home) when I am out of the house for a few hours at a time. Except for some chewing issues, he’s done very well with this. He’s becoming a normal, typical, albeit slightly “Bengal-y” young cat!

This weekend, Chance attended his first ever adoption event. I wasn’t sure how he would do, but we made sure he dressed up for the occasion.


Chance drew a fair amount of attention at the event. Even better, I found that if I opened his cage, he didn’t even try to escape. He’d roll around on his back and let everyone pet him! He even let a little 1-2 year old girl pet his head and he didn’t mind a bit.

IMG_1503  IMG_1508

The adoption event, as always, had its highs and lows. Probably the biggest low was that yet another cat was abandoned in front of the Petsmart that night.


Her name is Patches, and this time, the people who abandoned her left a note and some money.


I get so angry when people do this even though I know that a lot of people think “at least they didn’t give her to the county shelter where she would be put down.” I just can’t see it that way. There are responsible and acceptable ways to go about re-homing a pet; abandoning it in front of Petsmart when you know that a rescue is going to be holding an event the next day is not one of those ways. It is entirely unacceptable to me no matter how you look at it or what kind of positive spin you try to put on it. It infuriates me.

But, enough about the lows. There were also definite highs at this week’s event. We had an adorable kitten named Kodi at the event, and she got to meet an equally adorable golden retriever puppy! Kodi really liked the puppy.


(To learn more about Kodi, click here)

And I got to hear more about Chance’s babies, who are now 5 weeks old! It seems one of his little boys, Henry, has taken after his daddy in the looks department!


It’s a baby Chance! 🙂

Chance did not get any adoption applications this week, but that’s ok. He did great at his first event. Hopefully by his next event, we’ll have some more information about his heart and his medication regime will have taken full effect. Until then, he’s happy and warm at home with me, my fiancé, and his foster brother and sister!


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3 thoughts on “Whirlwind Week

  1. Katie April 8, 2013 at 3:38 pm Reply

    That note that the people who abandoned their cat left… I just don’t even know what to say. I also think it speaks to their ignorance that they thought $250 would cover all the expenses of shots and foster care until their cat gets adopted, which could take months or more. Animal rescue is truly a sisyphean endeavor.

    On the bright side, that’s so cool that you were able to leave Chance’s cage open at the adoption event so that people could pet him and he didn’t try to escape. I think that kind of calm behavior could be really appealing to potential adopters. Plus he looks freaking adorable in his tie 🙂

    • lisak87 April 8, 2013 at 3:42 pm Reply

      They did also leave vet records, and the cat was spayed at “least.” But the cat is very very aggressive. She is being sent to a fellow foster’s barn in hopes of being ok as a barn cat, I believe.

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