No, Chance!

The past week has been an interesting one for us. Chance has had multiple adoption applications come in for him (yay!), and we are closer to getting answers about his health. Thanks to a generous donation, Chance is going to get to see a really great cardiologist on Friday, and at that point, we will have a pretty final answer about what is causing his heart murmur.


As ever, Chance has been up to lots of no good in the past week. (But he’s so adorable and hilarious, it’s hard to get frustrated with him!) His youth is showing, and he’s still learning where he is allowed and is not allowed to go within the house.


Kitchen Table?




Inside random boxes?


Sometimes… But, not that one!


In the fridge?



No, Chance! No. And not on top of it either!


And then this happened….


…No?!… (But do it again really quickly so I can get a picture!) 🙂


Chance also got to go to his second adoption event and, just like last time, he did fantastically! Of course, he got dressed up again for the event (see his bow tie?)!


It’s a good thing he did, too, because he was right next to an adorable bunch of kittens!


Chance wanted to be their friend, but they thought he was just too big and scary! The kittens got a lot of attention too; they were tuckered out by the end of the day!


(To learn more about the kittens, click here!)

So, pending results from Friday’s cardiologist appointment, Chance is well on his way to finding his forever home. We sure will miss his handsome, ornery face around the house (and hanging from our walls…) once he leaves us! 😉



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  1. […] picture perfectly embodies “Chance.” He was off the walls. […]

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