Chance and the Box

Before anything else, I must tell you this:

Chance’s heart condition was determined to be BENIGN, and he needs NO treatment! He has no signs of heart disease, and his heart murmur is only there when he’s super anxious (like when he’s at the vet). Otherwise, it is not there at all! He’s a healthy cat! 🙂

Probably the best vet visit of my life!! I spent the rest of the evening laughing my head off at Chance’s antics. It was a very good day! I can finally enjoy his silliness knowing that he’ll be around to be his little crazy self for a good, long time.

And now, Chance and the Box:

On Friday afternoon, Chance discovered a flattened breakfast sandwich box on our floor. I wasn’t paying attention… all of the sudden I hear a “whoosh!” and a commotion.


Chance had launched himself INTO the flattened box.

At once, he checked around for any other inhabitants of said box who might sneak up on him…


Satisfied that he was the lone resident of the sandwich box, Chance relaxed for a little nap.


JK! Naps require sleeping, and creatures of the deep never sleep!


“What? What’s that thing?”


“Give it! Give it here!” (Chance loves my iPhone, which I use to take these pictures)


“Give iiiit…”


“Oh it’s you. Hi! What are you looking at?”


Chance’s box adventures continued for the next couple of days until we finally threw away his box fort (Sorry, Chance!)

But, I promise, he found plenty of other mischief to get into even when his box was gone.


(That’s his “what? I’m innocent!” face)


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One thought on “Chance and the Box

  1. […] that Chance was healthy was the day I took all those pictures of him rolling around in a box (See Chance and the Box). It was the lightest I’d felt since bringing Chance […]

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