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Introducing Diego & Milton!

Well, Chance left on Saturday, June 1, to go and be with his new forever family. I have good news! Chance is doing fantastically! His new family was kind enough to send me an update along with some pictures. Here’s what they had to say:

Hi Lisa,

I thought you might enjoy some picture of Chance’s first week with us….

He’s settling in really well….over the course of the week, he’s been able to explore the entire house (except for the sun room with the guinea pigs). He told us all his thoughts as he explored the house! He loves all the rugs in the house, the cat tree, and all the big windows. He especially loves his new brother…

…Since [day 3 of being together], they have been good buddies…never out of sight of each other, sleeping in the tree together, following each other around, etc. It’s very cute.

Things we’ve learned about Chance:

*He loves to be pet and kissed at any time.
*He likes to tell us about his every thought and move…in a combination of bird, owl, and meow sounds.
*He’s an excellent bug finder.
*He loves cereal – he almost took the bowl from my hands two times this week!
*He loves running up the stairs as fast as possible.
*He’s a gentle soul, yet has a big personality.
*He’s very loveable and a really special boy.

We feel so lucky to have him and for Chance and Simon to find each other. I work from home and my days certainly are more rewarding with these two guys around!

Here are some of the wonderful pictures they sent me of Chance enjoying his amazing new home!



And now, without further ado, allow me to introduce my newest foster kitties: Diego and Milton!


These two kittens did not come in as a pair. Little Diego was found all by himself at only about 6 weeks old and with a rather nasty injury. Fortunately for him, the person who found him knew just who to call! HART got little Diego all set up with a vet to repair his injuries. (A little graphic warning: he needed to have his lower lip re-attached to his jaw!)

Unfortunately, my two cats, Buzzy & Luna, were not ready to be Diego’s buddies. (Chance, however, was very good with Diego in the short 2 days that he got to see him!)

So, I asked the folks at HART if I could bring home a second foster kitten to be Diego’s friend. Milton volunteered 😉 and he and Diego became very fast friends! Milton has been a fantastic big brother for Diego! He has taught him all the important cat things, like pouncing, hissing when you want some space, and how to climb to new heights!

I thought the best way to show you Diego and Milton would be with some fun video. The below video was shot at the very beginning of our adventures together. I will have to take some new video soon as they are growing and changing so quickly!

Take a peek at these 2 fun kittens (and keep an eye out for Mr. Chance; he’s in this video a little bit as well…I just had to show you how adorable it was to watch Diego try to be his best friend lol).