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A Cat’s Trust Must be Earned

Actually… trustĀ must be earned by any animal, us included. But, it can certainly be a challenging feat when dealing with an animal that views the world as a fearful place first.

Misty is a skeptic.


Are people trustworthy? Is trusting people worth the risk?

Honestly, Misty, I don’t know the answer to that. Sometimes, no; sometimes, people aren’t trustworthy. And, sometimes, it’s not worth the risk. Other times, yes to both of these. It’s up to each cat to decide. The beautiful thing about cats, though, is that they tend to let go of the past a bit more easily than us humans.

We have discovered that while Misty might be on her way to trusting humans, she is not a fan of other cats. So, we are on a kitty rotation schedule now! And, this has absolutely made things a lot better for all of the cats. One of my favorite parts of the rotation is that, after 8PM, Misty is allowed to free roam throughout the night. We don’t allow cats in our room when we’re sleeping, but I let her in before I go to bed.

on the bed


Oooh yes. This is one kitty who, after she finds her person, will love to curl up in bed should they allow her to do so! I really enjoy these quiet moments of trust and peace. It’s obvious to me that Misty both trusts and actually likes me. She wants to be with me, and that’s a special feeling — especially given that it takes a while for her to feel that way about people.

But, good news! She’s no longer terrified of my husband. She’s not going to cuddle on his lap, but she doesn’t run every time she hears him anymore. AND…I brought a friend into her room the other day and, while she was scared, she didn’t try to hide. She held still and let my friend pet her. I also took Misty to an adoption event, and that…that terrified her, but those events are so stressful. She spent 2 of the 3 hours at least curled on my lap or with me carrying her around. But, this calmed her down. She was much more approachable this way. People were much more able to see her sweet, adorable side. Which, she does have!

head boops

Hopefully someone else sees it in her too and is willing to give her the timeĀ it takes to earn a cat’s trust.