I decided to begin this blog after taking in my first foster cat, Chance. You can read more about the beginning of Chance’s story in my very first blog entry, It Started by Chance, and in Chance’s adoption story, Farewell is Not the End.

Many foster animals come to rescues and shelters with unknown backgrounds and origins. I’ve often felt an intense desire to know these animals’ stories. Sometimes, we don’t get to know the beginning of a foster pet’s story, but anyone who has fostered can tell you that we surely get to see their continuing stories develop right under our noses. Our fosters change, grow, and, bit by bit, they tell us about themselves and include us in their stories.

This blog is dedicated to sharing those continuing stories as foster pets make their first stop on the way to their forever families. We may not always know their beginnings, but we can certainly help them find their happy endings.


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